For those who didn't read the blurb

Hello, it's me again, Facter. My last blog hasn't been since June 1st xD

The actual point of this blog

During my absence of blog content, I've been doing some things, basically. I'm tired now so here's the list:

1. Myrtle Beach

2. Warrior Cats Quiz

3. Reading Wings of Fire on Wattpad

4. FNaF Source Filmmaker project (Perhaps a collab part with MrCroissant and a couple others)

5. Procreate

6. Wilmington

Myrtle Beach

This went a bit worse than I expected, but I still had fun. We started to drive to the beach and it took a bit over 3 1/2 hours. Very weird that the trip was longer than how much I've been awake before that. Overall boring and a bit sad, here's why: (List again xD)

1. Plastic E V E R Y W H E R E

2. Dead animals on the highway :'(

3. This thing was more than 3 hours long, duh.

4. Tons of "Joe Biden Sucks" flags everywhere, money spent well :) *Sarcasm*

Now the drive's over, we find the little motel we're staying at, so yea. We unpacked and stuff, then went to chill for a bit until dinnertime at I forgot where ;^;

After that day was over, we woke up the next being the second one up cuz I'm an early riser fsr. This is the actual interesting day when we go to the beach and the pool and stuff. We got ready, yada yada yada, then walked straight to there. I think I'm being too specific for now cuz I'm too tired so here's yet ANOTHER LIST of what we did and found on this day:

1. Set up a "tent" and got bombarded by wind and sand every now and then.

2. My dad went metal detecting, finding a a crumbled up piece of foil which I'd mistaken for something very cool, then found a can top.

3. I went down to the lagoon thingy. There were tons of tiny fish in it and then I actually found a friccin STARFISH!! It wasn't dead cuz it was reacting to my touch, so yea.

4. Saw a weird-looking fish that looked like a lizard but wasn't a lizard-

5. Got close to some seabirds.

6. Made a temporary friend.

7. Accidentally swallowed seawater when I strayed a bit too far ;v;

8. Went to the pool some and swallowed some more water. The thing could get 9 feet deep, and there were some annoying kids who wouldn't stop messing with each other.

9. Went to eat (noice food but there were so many flies in the restaurant!)

10. Read The Story of Artemis on Wattpad, only a few chapters though.

On the next day, we left...maybe for good because my parents got into yet another argument.

Warrior Cats Quiz

Warrior Cats Quiz...?- Uh, no context provided then lol.

Did you guys see that River came out?????

Reading Wings of Fire on Wattpad

The Story of Artemis is one of the books on this website I like a lot. I'm still currently reading it, but it's still good. It was taken place after the events of Moon Rising, the first book of the second arc, probably at the time of Princess/Queen Snowfall's appearance or mention, I kinda forgot lol.

There were three added winglets, the Opal Winglet, the Bronze Winglet and the Citrine Winglet. One single thing that triggered most of the readers is that Snowfall is added to the Opal Winglet. Now there's a canon Snowfall that's currently queen of the IceWings and there's an uncanon Snowfall that's a male IceWing that attends one of Jade Academy's newest winglets!

So, the first parts of the book basically explains Artemis's past, along with her parents and her sister: Blacktalon, Dreamcatcher and Prophecyteller. Later, she received a new but seriously annoying sister, Nightsong. After this, Artemis ran off from her wretched family is invited and accepted into the RainWing Village by Queen Glory, also with a new friend that attends the Opal Winglet with Artemis, Mamba. Mamba showed Artemis her family and explained some things about the RainWing Village.

I don't want to spoil this for you, but it's actually REALLY good and it has a very developed plot, along with having the same vibe as any other book written by Tui.

FNaF Source Filmmaker Project

So first off, I'm also a FNaF fan, how 'bout that? Secondly, Source Filmmaker is a movie-making tool that I don't quite use to make actual movies. Now, onto the point.

Me, MrCroissant2, HawkfrostTheLeAf and my other friends all have this tool, so might as well use it, right? We're just gonna work on a short (hopefully) "Just Gold" FNaF song collab. Wish us luck :)


Yes, I also like drawing and animating digitally. I was just doing a challenge by MrCroissant2, "Draw what would happen if your two favorite ocs meet." This could be a drawing or an animation, but I recommend a drawing for inexperienced people or simply those who don't have much time or are just lazy like me ;v;

I made the sketch and color schemes on my Chromebook on a website called Kleki so I could just look at this screen for a character reference instead of having to adjust a lot of things with Procreate and stuff on my iPad.

The two ocs I chose was Gar (Taupe, white and green Mud/Sea hybrid with deep orange eyes) from Wings of Fire, then the other one is Brushfire (Gray tortoiseshell loner with green eyes.)


This took about the same amount of time to get to Myrtle Beach, so here you go!
I went to Wilmington to get to visit my grandfather and his second wife on my dad's side of the family tree...though I'm still not related to them xD. Great overall...just a bit of trouble with the hotel. If your confused, here's what we did:
1. Go to the house
2. Have a 3 hour conversation
3. Go check into the hotel and have dinner
4. Go back to their house and have a 2 hour long chat
5. Go back to the hotel and sleep
6. Go back to their house and have breakfast of scrambled eggs, fruit, mini croissants, mini biscuits and bagels.
7. Leave
I'm so lazy 0v0,

G'day mate, thanks for reading!

See ya later!

(Edit: Maybe not on the Fourth of July cuz I want to make a blog sooner

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Jun 27, 2021
Thanks for reading stuff ;v;

Gotta pose the thumbnail of the collab ;-;

(Idk if they want this to be on YouTube tho...

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Jun 27, 2021
When a new PE?
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Jun 27, 2021
Later ;v;
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Jun 28, 2021
I'm going to Myrtle Beach next month!
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Jun 29, 2021
Good for you! :)