The Best User Quizzes of March 2020

Two months ago, one of the users running HinesBrothers made a blog of his favorite quizzes of the week. I thought this was a great idea, and as he said he wasn't planning on making others, I decided to step in and make a monthly blog of the same style.

A reminder: this only includes quizzes which were made between March 1 and March 31, 2020, and were not featured as of March 31. This is also my opinion, meaning the quizzes I chose are obviously biased towards my interests. Only one quiz per user will be allowed in the top 10, but users can have multiple honorable mentions.

Top 10 Quizzes:

#10: Category Elimination - European Countries - Jato3

Category Elimination quizzes are always enjoyable, but of the ones released this month, this one stood out to me more than the others. I personally enjoyed this (and its other continent equivalents) more than even those on a global scale, because the questions were able to be much more specific and I had to think about my answers a lot more. The only drawback was that it only included countries - and countries are fairly easy to make a quiz about. So it gets 10 points for fun, but it lacking a bit in creativity.

#9: Washington Metro Stations (with map) - Berney

A quiz with a great map is almost guaranteed to make it on this list, and this map was on another level, especially with the addition of text in the names of the stations... just wow. The only reason this quiz isn't higher on the list is because I got a whole zero answers and have no idea what the stations of the DC metro are called.

#8: Melbourne Metropolitan Local Government Areas (LGAs) - missa

While I don't know anything about the suburbs of Melbourne, I can recognize a great map when I see one - and this is an example of an amazing map. Both of missa's two quizzes haveincredible maps - I can't wait to see what other brilliant content (s)he makes.

#7: Biggest Cities in each Asian Country - Extreme - Aaron197

This quiz was tough, but probably one of my favorites of all time. The varying difficulty of countries made the quiz entertaining and challenging, but I still felt accomplished at the end of it for getting some of the cities I did. It has all the marks of a high-quality quiz, as does most of Aaron's work.

#6: All Active Separatist Movements - RedLightning

This was a great idea, and I'm sure a lot of work went into making this. With how concerned (and argumentative) most Jetpunkers seem to be about international politics and the autonomy of certain places, I'm honestly shocked this quiz has only 15 takes. It's a long quiz, but most people won't know more than 30 or so of the answers, and it's really interesting to see some of the places which have independence movements where you never would think there would be.

#5: Name a Valid Country in Each Continent - NINJAQKk

A creative combination of a Multiple Valid Answer and by Continent quiz, I really enjoyed this - it definitely was worth a nomination. I have to say this was a lot tougher than most other MVA quizzes people make, which is a good thing.

#4: Homonymous US & International Names for Places - Gyovhne

This was a great original idea, and it was really interesting to see some of the places that share their names which I hadn't even thought about. Since taking this quiz I've been thinking about what places around the world share the names of locations I visit or hear about everyday - and it's incredible to see how much American place names take from those around the world.

#3: Populated Areas Not Considered Countries - WFGLFG

This was a creative idea, and the formatting was very well done. Although I had heard of all the territories listed, the quiz wasn't too easy and the number of hints made it specific enough that it was clear what was being asked for, but difficult enough that I didn't know most of the answers right away. All in all a great quiz, and definitely worth the nomination.

#2: Name a City - Places - HinesBrothers

I've enjoyed all the quizzes in the Name a City series, (which is suspiciously close to my Name a Valid City quizzes made last year originally titled Name Any City none of which got featured nevermind not jealous at all) but this one stood out to me because it didn't just have countries, and included other places. It was a real test of my city knowledge, to try to name the smallest, most obscure cities I knew to see if they made it onto the quiz. Hats off to Hines for stealing making this wonderful series.

#1: Every City in Alberta on the Map - Jiaozira

This isn't just high on the list because it linked to my quiz in the caveat (although that certainly didn't hurt). I'm a sucker for a huge city quiz, especially if it has an amazing map like this one. Even though I don't know many Albertan cities, this is an insanely impressive quiz and quizzes like this are the reason Jiao is my favorite quizmaker.

Honorable Mentions

The quizzes that were not in the top 10, or that were made by quizmakers who already had a top 10 quiz.

Tolkien's Middle Earth Map Quiz - dug28

Category Elimination - World Languages - FerroequinoSWAT

Landlocked Countries with Exceptions - ooftownroad

Major Cities on the Danube on a Map - Nightracer

Most Populous Country by Language - Gyovhne

Generator Puzzle COVID-19 - kiwirage

Geography Tier Quiz - UG332

Swapped Islands Quiz - Nathaniel

Blurry Country Flags - rg1227

Country Shapes Quiz A-Z - Raz07

Name a Valid Eurasian Country - Lucknowite

Some of the Northernmost Cities (with map) - Jiaozira

Match the Asian Script to it's Region Map Quiz - Jiaozira

The Americas Geography by Letter - X, Y, and Z - Aaron197

Geography by Letter - X - Aaron197

Second Most Common Language by European Country - Aaron197

Okay Jiao and Aaron stop being so good it is becoming a problem.

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Apr 1, 2020
Ay! Thanks for the mention...
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Apr 1, 2020
Thanks for mentioning my "Washington Metro Stations (with map)" quiz on your list! Good to know you appreciated the map.
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Apr 1, 2020
Thanks Cringe! Worth the wait. :)
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Thanks for the mention cringe!
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Apr 29, 2020
Are you planning one for April?
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Sadly not, I didn't have the perseverance to look through every new quiz this month