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Back in 2020 I posted a puzzle that nobody ever solved. Here, I've revisited it.

I've created puzzles and challenges on this site before, but I think this is definitely my hardest.

Some of these gave me real trouble, either because there were so many directions I could go in or there were literally no directions I could go in.

We all know how Italy looks like a boot, but has anyone else noticed how much these countries look like other things?

Is the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell? How many Octopi are in the sea? Can you end a sentence with a preposition? While only that last question may seem like it has to do with grammar, they all will be answered in this article. Surprise! English is terrible.

What if you wanted a random quiz where it was likely that if you took the quiz twice you would have no repeated questions. How many questions would you need to make?